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Although you'll be the one carrying the baby for those nine months, dad-to-be has an important role too -- his sperm affects whether you'll get pregnant at all and if the pregnancy will be healthy.Author: Tamekia Reece. Healthy sperm: Improving your fertility. Healthy sperm aren't always a given. Understand how lifestyle factors can affect your sperm and what you can do to improve your fertility. By Mayo Clinic Staff.

A healthy male discharges 50 million sperm in a single ejaculation. During sexual intercourse, of all those millions of sperm, only a couple hundred will make it to a mature egg that is ready to be fertilized. Factors That May Affect Sperm Health. Jun 13, 2018 · Sperm production occurs in the testicles. Upon reaching puberty, a man will produce millions of sperm cells every day, each measuring about 0.002 inches (0.05 millimeters) long. There is Author: Scott Frothingham.

The scrotum contains the testes which produce sperm. Higher temperatures tend to hamper the sperm production and decrease the volume that is released in a man’s ejaculate. They also promote sperm production by improving blood circulation and protecting against free radical damage. Mar 05, 2015 · When couples can't conceive, at least a third of the time the guy's sperm is the problem. Here are four ways to strengthen your sperm and improve your pregnancy odds.Author: Ben Paynter.

How to Produce More Sperm. Just by spending more time doing exercise and eating all the right stuff, you will manage to produce more sperm. 1. Improve Your Diet. Poor diet is the number one reason why men have fertility issues. Eating processed food is never going to help you produce more sperm.