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I have for sale an Akai vintage integrated stereo amplifier model AM-U04. It is in good physical condition and perfect working order. The knobs have been sprayed out and are in good sounding order. Stereo Turntable. One of Sony's best ever and considered among the elite vintage turntables. Heavy composite base, touch controls, and a superb tone arm make this unit choice of many audiophiles. Direct Drive. Feather Touch Controls. Composite Base: Akai CR-80D-SS. 8 Track Recording Deck.

This gallery contains vintage 1950s - 1980s audio equipment. Akai stereo receivers, 8 track recorders, cassette decks, and reel to reel tape recorders. Note: Galleries do not go in any specific order. We do try and keep older equipment at the top of each list as the lists goes down to newer. 7 Jun 2018- Explore gerardteubner's board "Akai - Vintage Audio" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hifi audio, Acoustic and Filing cabinets.

Vintage audio system collection. A fantastic collection of vintage audio systems from the early tabletop compact systems till the very successful separate components of the 70's and 80's. During my trip to the quest of the perfect vintage (from a good year)sound I make reviews of top vintage stereo equipment from the 70's and 80's. Please subs.

Vintage 70's Stereo Equipment Confessions of a Scrounger How to Find, Sell, Fix and Enjoy the best of Vintage Stereo by Mark Gallagher Akai GX-266D Reel to Reel Tape Deck - Originally sold for $900 in late 70's, this deck is big and sounds excellent. Records in either direction and has great, solid clicking noises when you push the play. This article highlights the most memorable audio receivers for the last 50 years ranging from vintage two-channel to the latest in multi-channel surround sound. What are your favorite receivers?Author: Steve Feinstein.

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