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The thumb shares the following with each of the other four fingers: Having a skeleton of phalanges, joined by hinge-like joints that provide flexion toward the palm of the hand. Having a dorsal surface that features hair and a nail, and a hairless palmar aspect with fingerprint ridges.Artery: Princeps pollicis artery. A ganglion is a fluid-filled swelling that develops near a joint or a tendon. It usually appears on the dorsal side of the wrist but can be seen in tendon sheaths of thumb or fingers as well.Author: Arun Pal Singh.

Apply resistance over the dorsal surface of the distal phalanx of the thumb in the direction of flexion. Some suggest that for Grades 0–2, the examiner should stabilize the patient’s wrist over its dorsal surface and then stabilize the patient’s fingers by gently placing them on the other hand across the fingers just below the metacarpophalangeal (MP) joint. Nov 29, 2010 · My thumb is numb on the dorsal lateral aspect. Doesn't seem to follow dermatome. - Answered by a verified Doctor.

The dorsal surface of a body is the back -- think of it as if you were a fish, and you had a dorsal fin. In the anatomical terms of location, it's anything of or pertaining to the back of any vertebrate. So the back of your hand is the dorsal side of your hand. The palm of your hand is the ventral side of your hand. Anatomical terms of location.