- husband had naked photos of me


husband had naked photos of me -

Jul 27, 2013 · My husband posted naked pictures of me online without my permission When I took it away from him he had the Internet browser open and one of tabs had a picture of me, naked, on some porn website. and we've both been trying our hardest to be better spouses to each other. Then I discovered the photos and it just kinda caught me off guard. Husband Showed Me Off Naked. I was just cleaning out and shredding some old bills and came across a cd-rom in the bottom of the desk drawer. When I put it into the computer I found it had dozens of image pictures of me in the nude which my husband of 12 years had secretly taken of me.

Aug 07, 2006 · Last night I found a picture of a naked woman in my husband's cell. It makes me feel very unappreciated. Actually, it really hurts me a lot. I told him earlier in our relationship how offensive that kind of behavior from a man is to me. It's not like he doesn't know this already! He has a topless photo of me. Yet, he has a photo of some woman he doesn't know.Author: Earthangel79. I recently discovered that my husband had secretly taken nude photos of me while we had sex. How would you react. If he has done this to me, I am sure he has naked pictures of his ex-girlfriends too somewhere on his computer. Add your answer to the question "I recently discovered that my husband had secretly taken nude photos of me.

We had to do it without them because they were bent on separating us. We had a peaceful home and barely had anything to disagree on. Occasionally, either my mom or her dad would try to come in between us but we had a way of handling them without causing us any trouble. READ ALSO: My Ex Wants Sex With Me or He sends Our Sex Tape To My Husband. Apr 02, 2015 · Many many things happened and dampered those plans. Even though my husband would tell me I don’t need it and I was beautiful the way I was. But, I didn’t believe him since actions speak louder than words. Our sex life is GONE. A bit ago I had a conversation with my husband who told me he was more attracted to me before getting should I say fat.