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With steel scarce in the area, Deere acquired a broken steel saw blade, and from it crafted a new type of moldboard plow. Now, nearly two centuries later, the company that grew out of the success of this innovative plow continues to manufacture advanced equipment . Browse our inventory of new and used JOHN DEERE Plows For Sale near you at Models include 3710, 2800, 995, 145, 1450, 2700, 2810, 1350, 2600, and 2500. Page 1 of 17.

John Deere 4 Bottom- Roll-Over Plow, Good Molboards, 16 inch Bottoms, Steel Tail Wheels, Nice Original Condition, Not Bent or Sprung, Hard to Find Plow Price: USD $3,000. Sale Ended: John Deere 4 14 bottom plow. in good shape and tires are up and . John Deere was an Illinois blacksmith and manufacturer. Early in his career, Deere and an associate designed a series of farm plows. In 1837, on his own, John Deere designed the first cast steel plow that greatly assisted the Great Plains farmers.

John Deere (February 7, 1804 – May 17, 1886) was an American blacksmith and manufacturer who founded Deere & Company, one of the largest and leading agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers in the world.Born in Rutland, Vermont, Deere moved to Illinois and invented the first commercially successful steel plow in 1837.Education: Middlebury College. Remember that not all John Deere plows had the same type of plow bottoms. I like to use the analogy of ice cream. Imagine the John Deere plow model as the ice cream cone and the type of plow bottom as the flavor ice cream (many differenty types and sizes).

Knowing the cutting width of your plow is essential to determine if you tractor will likely pull any given size of plow. When in doubt it's best to remember that in most cases if John Deere originally advertised any of their tractors as a 4-5 plow tractor, the 4 bottom plow is most likely best suited for use with your tractor. This John Deere 3600 ON- LAND 4 bottom plow has 16" bottoms and moldboards are in good working condition. It also has spring reset. Give us a call for more information on this plow.

975 Reversible Plow Primary Tillage from John Deere. Learn more about the features and more for the 975 Reversible Plow Primary Tillage. In this post, we will go back in history and explore the evolution of the John Deere steel plow. The First John Deere Steel Plow: 1837. In 1837, John Deere, was a typical blacksmith turning out hay forks, horseshoes, and other essentials for life on the prairie. Then one day, a broken steel sawmill blade gave him an opportunity.