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MG's "Roaring Raindrop" EX181 at the Goodwood Revival (photo by Bob Elwin) Photo Gallery of Performance-Upgraded MG Sports Cars. If you have a MG car with a big motor, please e-mail us with photos & information about your car and we'll post it on this web site. Brian Laine's 1933 MG J2 Midget with Ford 60 Flathead V8. Front Suspension. Beam axle front suspension. J-Types were originally built with cable operated brakes, but most J-Types were converted.

When the major company mergers took place in the late 1960’s BMC, first became British Motor Holdings (BMH), then British Leyland Motor Corporation (BLMC), later to be shortened to BL. Whilst most that surrounded this period of restructuring was bad for MG, there is one very bright jewel. This is a beautifully restored 1973 MGB. Within the previous 8 years. it underwent a total restoration which included a Chevrolet 2. 8L V6 5 speed conversion (approximate mileage of 80. xx). bare metal respray. (Jaguar green). performance 4 barrel Edelbrock carbs. ignition wires. distributor cap and rotor. hydraulic clutch. clutch disc. pressure plate. water pump. alternator. valve cover. flex fa2.2/5(267).

But I wanted to try a Ford V8 because of its greater power potential and nearly equivalent weight. The Ford engine, with aluminum heads, tube headers, light flywheel, etc. weighs only about 60 pounds more that the MGB 4 cyl engine, and the matching Ford T-5 transmission is . Sep 23, 2018 · Its diminutive size made it ideal for the cramped confines of midget race cars, and a goodly amount of hop-up equipment was thus devised for the “Sixty.” It is also the perfect period upgrade for an MG. Some of those speed parts came to Brian along with the V-8/60, including high-compression heads and a twin-carburetor intake.Author: David Conwill.

V6 engine swap kits and performance upgrades for the MGB by Bill Guzman of Classic Conversions Engineering. May 05, 2012 · if you can't make the Palestine meet, another opportunity would be to hook up on the Hot Rod Power tour. Don't think anyone with a modified A has mentioned joining, but we have entered the Roadmaster (Buick 455 MGB GT done as a project by the group; see sticky thread).

Jun 20, 2013 · I have a Volvo B20 with M41 overdrive transmission in my TD. I have a Yahoo Group called VolvoenginedMGs to help anyone who is considering the swap or someone that needs help with an already converted T series MG. Someone in the group came up with the fact that Elaine Bond raced an MG with Volvo engine. I'm in the last stages of a similar conversion - a '95 302HO Ford with a T-5 in a '69 MGC GT. I also have a standard '68 MGC roadster which handles acceptably but which basically could do with 150lbs less weight in the front. This, the Ford conversion offers (engine 495 lbs vs 650 odd for the MG) but with some 75% additional horsepower and torque!