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Most of the Maui bottom fishing boats leaving from Lahaina harbor are private charters only, so if you want to book a bottom fishing charter as a share, you should look at boats out of Maalaea harbor. Below are the Maui bottom fishing boats that go out most days, keep their vessels and equipment well maintained, and most importantly, catch fish. Go deep sea fishing for halibut, tuna, salmon, bottom fish out of Garibaldi. Oregon's premier Fishing destination! Fish on in Garibaldi!

BOTTOM FISH With the curtailment of the salmon season in the late 70's, Pacific Salmon Charters Inc. started exploring the possibilities of catching limits of bottom fish. We found large quantities of bottom fish 18 miles from Ilwaco. Marjorie Ann is a 36′ Chesapeake Bay Deadrise style fishing boat with a comfortable cabin, large back deck, and plenty of shade. She was built in Maryland in 2010 and was purchased by Maui Fun Charters in late 2012 to be used for Maui style bottom fishing.

Pt. Pleasant Fishing Charters with Capt. Ron Safar Charter Fishing the inshore and off shore waters from shark River Inlet. For striped Bass, Summer Flounder, Bottom and Wreck Fishing, Inshore tuna, Off Shore Canyon Fishing. Fishin' Trips specializes in private, small group charter fishing for tuna, salmon and bottom fish. We are excited to offer Long Leader fishing this year with incrased bag limits! We encourage our guests to get involved in all aspects of the fishing experience, from baiting the hooks to landing your fish, you will feel like part of the crew!