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The Settlement Facility - Dow Corning Trust ("SF-DCT" or Settlement Facility) is the claims office that processes and pays claims in the Dow Corning breast implant settlement. The Dow Corning Plan provides that the settlement program will terminate after 15 years which means that the program will stop accepting claims on June 3, 2019. All. The privacy of our claimants’ records has always been of utmost importance to the Settlement Facility. In fact, the Dow Corning Plan of Reorganization complete the Copy Request form or the Claimant Information Update Form on this site. The Settlement Facility sometimes uses contractors to perform various website, database and audit.

settlement facility dow corning trust important information about closing and final deadline for all dow corning breast implant settlement claims: final claim submission deadline: june 3, 2019. i am filing a new claim for disease. what if my disease claim has a deficiency? If you are a registered claimant in the SF-DCT and have a Dow Corning implant. Settlement Facility – Dow Corning Trust (SF-DCT) For a complete update regarding the SF-DCT, please visit: and/or RECENT DOW SETTLEMENT NEWS: The Settlement Facility – Dow Corning Trust (SF-DCT) has recently moved.

About 13,000 breast implant lawsuits are pending against Dow Chemical. November 1995 New global settlement is devised minus Dow Corning. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Baxter and 3M are the participants. Dow Corning is the second largest chemical manufacturer in the entire world and the largest producer of plastics. Dow Corning Breast Implants Litigation. Dow Corning was one of the earliest targets of a vast number of individual and class action silicone breast implant lawsuits concerning a cosmetic surgical product or procedure.

Dow Settlement Attorney For Breast Implants Our Law Firm represents women across the United States who had at least one Dow Corning breast implant or tissue expander placed in their bodies before June 1, 1993. Implant brands include Dow Corning, Silastic II, Cronin, DCW, MSI, Mueller 5 and Varifil. Breast implant lawsuits are nothing new. Around 450,000 women who were injured filed lawsuits and joined class action lawsuits in the 1980s and 1990s after studies found evidence of tissue disease. After several multi-million dollar jury awards, Dow Corning Corporation offered a $4 billion settlement and went bankrupt in 1995. Breast Implant.