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Types of Knives. There are many different types of knives that are used for various tasks, and it can be difficult to know which knives are essential for your kitchen. We broke down the knife types into two lists, common types and specialty types, and provided explanations of each type and what they’re used for. Check out our collection of Asian kitchen knives. We have a broad range, and they vary from the specialized Nakiri Knife meant for vegetables, to the multi-purpose Chef’s Knife meant to cut just about anything that goes through the kitchen. We have Paring Knives designed for a precise and delicate cut, and Cleavers meant for heavy chopping. Take a look at our various brands and styles, and.

Some cooks choose to own two sets of knives for this reason. Japanese knives also feature subtle variations on the chisel grind. Usually, the back side of the blade is concave to reduce drag and adhesion so the food separates more cleanly (this feature is known as urasuki). / Japanese Kitchen Knives: Ultimate Guide of the Best Types. and hopefully you will get a better understanding of just why they are so popular with both professional & amateur cooks on the planet. namely the high carbon steel also known as “hagane” and a soft iron also called “jigane”. These two materials are forged together.Author: The Kitchen Guy.

Just because a Chinese cleaver looks like a butcher's cleaver doesn't mean you can use it to chop bones. Heavier cleavers are designed for this, but the primary function of lighter cleavers — often called Chinese Chef's Knives — is slicing meat and vegetables. Chopping bones . The Shun Classic Asian Chef's Knife is an all-purpose knife. It's ideal for meat and fish, yet performs beautifully on vegetables, too. Although the blade is thinner than the traditional chef's knife, it still offers plenty of knuckle clearance when cutting on a board.Brand: Shun.

Update, February 2019. Year after year the Victorinox Swiss Army Fibrox Pro 8” Chef’s Knife takes home top honors in our tests. For more than a decade, we've stocked at least 50 of these knives in our test kitchen and our cooks use them every day for slicing, dicing, mincing, and carving. The Shun Classic 7-in. Asian Cook’s Knife is part of the Shun Classic line of tasteful and contemporary cutlery. The Shun Classic line features beautiful Damascus-clad blades and D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handles. Yet behind these handcrafted knives' beauty is function: razor-sharp blades offering top .

During the past 20 years, we’ve conducted five evaluations in the search for the best chef's knives. Those tests have covered dozens of blades in styles ranging from traditional, to innovative, to hybrid knives combining Western and Asian features. And at the end of every test, we’ve told the.