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May 06, 2008 · I might add that I think this issue is a much greater threat to the Episcopal Church than any other issue we curently face. Parents do not want their children hearing a free love message at church. A church that officially goes soft on premarital sex is probably doomed. Therefore if D039 makes a change in the Episcopal Church's official teaching, it follows logically that the day will come when same-sex marriage will be approved in the Episcopal Church. Only by reversing D039 would the Episcopal Church reaffirm the classic biblical and .

The Episcopal Church does not believe that the main goal in sex is to procreate, as some Christian denominations believe. Being a Protestant faith, Episcopalians say that the primary object of sex is to enjoy another person in sexual intimacy, and that procreation is a secondary benefit. Oct 08, 2015 · Q – Is pre-marital sex always wrong (a sin)? A – It seems like a simple enough question – is pre-marital sex always a sin? The answers to that question, given by Catholics, might shock you – even if this was from 5 years ago. The gist of the results are the following: In 1972, 39% of adult Catholics responded that premarital sex was “always wrong.”Author: Marcel.

The Episcopal Church welcomes our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer siblings. Contemporary moralists have emphasized the positive end of pleasure rather than seeing pleasure as the occasion for sin and therefore in need of remedy. In addition to understandings formed by scripture and the moral tradition, contemporary sexual ethics are more broadly informed by historical studies as well as the natural and social sciences.