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7 Reasons Why Untreated Strep Throat Is Dangerous. Here are the top reasons why untreated strep throat is so dangerous: 1. Tonsillitis is a case of inflamed tonsils when small pockets of pus, also called white spots on tonsils, cover the surface of tonsils and can even lead to a chronic case of tonsillitis. Mar 22, 2017 · Acute rheumatic fever (ARF) is a serious complication of strep throat.It is thought that if the strep throat infection is untreated or inadequately treated by antibiotics, the bacteria remain in the tonsils and promote a persistent immune response from the body. Certain strains of the bacteria are more likely than others to cause this response.

Strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat and tonsils caused by group A streptococcus. Learn the causes of streptococcal pharyngitis and how to tell strep from other sore throat conditions. Dec 13, 2015 · Strep Throat In Adults. Strep throat in adults can present itself in several variations. Generally speaking, it is a bacterial infection that occurs in the throat and tonsils. Streptococcal bacteria can cause strep throat, irritation and inflammation.. A sore throat is often wrongly mistaken for strep. While strep does cause pain in the throat, sore throats are typically viral infections and Author: Dr. Richard Foxx, MD.

Apr 16, 2019 · Signs and Symptoms of Strep Throat in Adults. The symptoms and severity of strep throat can vary from person to person based on age. The primary symptom of strep throat in all cases is a sore, itchy throat. Your tonsils and the back of your throat may Author: Margaret A Spera, NP, APRN. Aug 30, 2019 · Strep throat is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and pain in the throat. We explain the common signs, diagnostic tests, treatment options, and potential complications.Author: Valencia Higuera.

Mar 02, 2016 · Strep throat is caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pyogenes and is most common in kids between five and 15; only five to 10 percent of sore throat cases in adults are strep throat. But that said, how long does strep throat last in adults and the elderly? And is strep throat contagious? Spoiler alert: it most definitely is. Is Strep Throat Author: Dr. Richard Foxx, MD. Strep throat, which causes a painful, scratchy sore throat, affects people of all ages. Most sore throats are caused by a virus and typically resolve on their own, but strep throat results from a bacterial infection of the throat and requires prompt treatment. A strep infection left untreated causes.

Strep throat, caused by bacteria, is one type of sore throat that can be treated. Kids get it more often, but adults can be infected, too. Kids get it more often, but adults can be infected, too.