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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Located: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Remus/Sirius: After their late night mission results in Remus and Sirius being trapped in a closet Remus starts to notice his friends strange behavior and decides to trail him day in and day out in order to figure out what exactly is wrong.

Located: Harry Potter > Slash - Male/Male > Harry/Remus: Harry Potter is a werewolf. Remus, horrified and ashamed with what he has done, leaves long before he wakes from his unconscious state. Determined to run away from himself and his guilt, he makes it as far as The Hog's Head, where he bumps into an old friend. (Companion Piece to New Moon. All the greatest of Sirius/Remus slash. If you see a story which you believe should not be here, please do not hesitate to inform me. Currently looking for staff, if any are interested!

Sirius and Remus Slash Stories. Follow. The best fanfics featuring a romantic relationship between our two favorite canines: Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Includes stories with riveting and deeply involved plots, as well as fluffy no plot fics. Usually T PG13 rating. The A to Z Of Remus And Sirius by. We've made some important changes to adding work, chapter, and series co-creators!Please read if you want to allow others to invite your account to collaborate on co-created items. ×.