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Aug 06, 2019 · Post your sightings, pics and vids of people who are desperate and bursting, peeing in public and so on. PeeSearch Peeing Community Forums - True Desperation & Real Sightings. Peeing forums pissing galleries forums watersports message boards pee bbs golden shower boards. 6 Sightings of Women Peeing - and the term used by girls needing to pee Halloween Night - WOW! 11 sexy sightings - an 'intruder' and a pee drama. Year 1212 New Year's Eve 11/12 - only two sightings! But an enthusiastic start to a brand new year of pee reports! The 2011 Pee Sightings Summary - a complete report of the sightings of women pissing.

Top Night Time Pee Sightings Areas Where Women Piss. The Best Places Over the Years Where I've Caught Women Pissing. Dear Readers, during my usual thoughts this time of year about the top pee spots where women piss and changes in my pee sightings area for the new sightings year, I decided to make a chart of the area's top spots over my 17 years of sightings and how the patterns have changed. Aug 07, 2013 · This years pee sightings from my condo. Five years ago when America was going totally fucking crazy about gas prices my ex decided that we had to move from our large house in the suburbs to a tiny condo in a hipster neighborhood. Her rationale was that I would be close to the nightclubs I DJ at and she could use a free crew shuttle bus to get.

Concert peeing sightings. More here! hiding out in the woods at Concert peeing. Great details on those sightings. The one who pissed standing straight up was especially intriguing to me. I’ve never seen a girl pee in public quite like this, though once I briefly saw one standing and lifting her labia to shoot it . Nov 09, 2009 · I am sure the poor lady recovered, but she was very desperate and must have been making an enormous effort to hold her pee, if her bladder hurt as much as she said. In all, one of my best sightings, seeing such an attractive lady so desperately wanting to pee.

Jun 21, 2014 · Actually had a nice surprise while walking home through a park last week, when, because the toilets were closed, two German sounding women were having a pee on the floor outside them. They seemed a little shocked by my appearance, but I just smiled, stepped into the space between them and the wall and joined them in having a pee. Jul 24, 2010 · Request- Pee Sightings. Please tell your stories of when you have seen girls/women caught short without a restroom, and having to pee in public! The Following 8 Users Say Thank You to shell111000111 For This Useful Post: garrius, Iron280, Jake Gittis, laingorourke, Manyak, ModelT-MsDollie, Owen4, siegala.

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