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In recent years, the fastest growing population of college students are over the age of 25 – adults who wish to advance their careers, dropped out of or never attended college, single parents, military, and those looking to better their life are all choosing higher education. College for Older Adults. Learners 50+ years actively participate in the Higher Education Center’s College for Older Adults. Enrichment courses ranging from computer applications to history, finance, language, and wellness are offered in six week terms – Fall, Winter, Spring.

Back to School: Older Students on the Rise in College Classrooms. "If you are talking about changing careers and going to back to school to change careers, you have to run the numbers on it. Although the focus of this issue of Peer Review and the remainder of this article will be on adults beginning or continuing their enrollment as college students at a later-than-typical age, a 2002 NCES report has frequently been cited as noting that when the term “nontraditional student” is defined more broadly to include seven.

Jun 29, 2016 · Learn more about how we can accomplish this by making education accessible to seniors. Lifelong Learning: Education for Seniors. Learning is a social endeavor and taking a college or university course, even if it is online, can help build social connections and ward off isolation — an important factor in keeping seniors healthy and happy.Author: Kimberley Fowler. Teaching strategies to consider for older adults. Consider using specific teaching techniques when providing health teaching for older people. Some elders have increasing difficulty understanding complex sentences, are less proficient than younger people in drawing inferences, and .

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How Adults Learn Compared To Younger Learners. Oct 06, 2011. Discovering how adults learn is more than just an esoteric obsession by elite academicians. Instead, the study of how adults learn is an important endeavor in many college programs today. With a growing number of adults entering the college scene, the study of andragogy-the science of. Adults learn better when they are comfortable with the other people in a classroom or at a conference, seminar, or party. Help them adapt by playing an ice breaker game that is fun but not silly. Ice breakers are perfect for introductions, but can also be used for lesson warm-ups and test prep.