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8 Indoor Birthday Party Games for Adults 1. Treasure Hunt Game: Treasure hunt game is a very popular game among the kids as well as 2. Game of Charades. Game of Charades is yet another amazing and fun game that is played on teams. 3. Hot potato. The classic game of Hot Potato seems to be a game Author: Asmita Sharma. They’re some of the most hilarious and fun party games for adults (or groups ever!) and would work for any ages – even a 50th birthday party! If you’re planning a themed party, try these 4th of July party games or use these games with red, white, and blue words!

Bet You'll Love These 5 Superb Indoor Party Games for Adults Hosting a party is never easy. Arranging for the food, the music and of course the games, which have to be around, especially 'coz it's an indoor party.Author: Rujuta Borkar. ADULT BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES - JUST FOR FUN! That's A Lie Adult birthday party games that involve a little deception are always fun to play. Before the party or included on your invitation, ask your guests to write out on an index card (which you can provide in .

These adult party game ideas are the perfect icebreaker for any party or birthday.. Here you’ll find ten new games, which are easy for you to set up. You won’t needing anything other than a large space to play. For any running games, make sure to remove obstacles that could trip up players – like side tables, floor plants, slippery rugs. List of Indoor Party Games for Adults. Planning a party for adults can be a lot of fun; however, finding games that will entertain everyone can be tricky. Play indoor games to keep your guests from getting bored. These games will also break the ice for any new guests that do not know each other. Play these indoor games at your next adult party.