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Apr 19, 2007 · Have a conversation about thumb sucking. Your child is likely old enough to discuss their thumbsucking and how to stop it. Sit down with your child and tell them that sucking their thumb may affect their teeth and that kids might make fun of them. Ask them how that makes them feel. Follow up by asking what they can do instead of sucking their 58%(36). Adults don't realize how anxiety-provoking growing up is for children, DON'T use the nasty-tasting stuff that is marketed to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. "It's just cruel," Berman says.Author: Heather Hatfield.

Thumb Sucking in Adults. While most children outgrow or stop thumb sucking by the age of 5, some people continue into adulthood. There's little research or data on adult thumb sucking, notes Psychology Today. This could be because people may hide the habit when they reach a certain age. Oct 11, 2015 · And because of the lack of info, I assume that thumb sucking is just a nervous tic. But at the end of the day, none of that is going to stop me from doing what I do. Thumb sucking is essentially harmless as far as vices go. It's better for you than smoking, and a hell of a lot cheaper, too.

Sep 11, 2008 · These behaviors were helpful to you and served as a way to calm yourself in the face of an abusive environment. Children don’t have the self-soothing options that adults have such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs/medications, driving, etc. Now, as an adult, you have maintained those self-soothing behaviors you developed as a child.Author: Dr Joseph M Carver, Phd. It's OK for infants and toddlers to soothe themselves by sucking a thumb or finger, experts say. But if that child enters kindergarten with his hand in his mouth -- it's time for mom and dad to Author: Scott H. Chandler, MD.

Will sucking my thumb in front of my children be harmful? Should I be concerned about my thumb sucking affecting my children? Many have written with this concern. Often, their families know of their habit and, when the ATS’es own children are tsers, or if a young relative indulges, the ATS is blamed for it. Aug 12, 2019 · Adult thumb sucking is usually unrelated to an individual's level of maturity and degree of success in life. Because it gives them a positive feeling and can usually be done in privacy, many individuals don't have a desire to stop thumb sucking. However, others do decide to quit, sometimes because they find that the behavior lowers their self.

Thumb sucking is a perfectly normal habit for babies and young children, but while most grow out of it by age five, some never do. You've probably never seen an adult suck their thumb, but that's.