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Mar 05, 2015 · 10 inspiring acts of generosity. People generally aren't used to kindness from strangers. Most of us are too wrapped up in our lives to pay much attention to anyone else.Author: Kim Peterson. Part four of a five-part Bible study on “God and Your Money” Introduction to generous giving. If you were to read all the verses in the Bible dealing with money, you would find that a vast number of them are about generosity—giving to the work of the Lord and helping people in need. Over and over, God tells us to be generous people.

17 Extraordinary Stories of Giving—From People Just Like You and Me. Reader's Digest Editors. These acts of kindness—big and small—speak to the generosity of the American spirit.Author: Reader's Digest Editors. A Website Dedicated to Helping Others Through Personal Donations Do You want to Accept Personal Donations or Help Out Others? IamTotallyDesperate.com is a FREE user interactive website dedicated to help out people in need through Personal Donations from Visitors like you.

Jan 11, 2012 · Actress Jami Gertz Thanks to a record donation of $10,569,002 to the Ressler-Gertz Foundation, actress Jami Gertz and her husband, Anthony Ressler, top the list of the 30 Most Generous Author: Anderson Antunes. Synonyms for generous at Thesaurus.com with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for generous.