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This resource explains the use of mediation and family group conferences (FGCs) for adults who are – or may be – at risk from abuse. Older victim of domestic abuse at Daybreak. SCIE’s report looks at research evidence about what works in mediation and family group conferencing. Family Group Conferences and Lifelong Links A family group conference is a process led by family members to plan and make decisions for a child who is at risk. Children and young people are normally involved in their own family group conference, although often with support from an advocate.

from older people and their families), and covers any type of abuse, or suspected or potential abuse, of persons aged 50 years or over. It also covers the provision of advocates for any vulnerable adults involved in the Family Group Conference process. The Mental Capacity Act (2005) came into effect in 2007. Family Group. Jun 13, 2017 · Family Group Conferencing and current legislation in adults’ services › Family Group Conferences sit well with current legislative and policy frameworks: − Making Safeguarding Personal (2010) − Mental Capacity Act 2005 − Care Act 2014 19 20.

Family Group Conferencing: A Theoretical Underpinning. Keywords Empowerment Family Group Conferencing combating for the rights of disabled people, psychi atric patients, older adults, and. Birmingham research into different models for enabling families 2013 Family Group Conferencing is a process for getting people together to make plans and decisions. Essex Outcomes European FGC Services Hampshire Cost Benefit The themes from adult FGC services •Focus on safety.