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Adult scoliosis is caused due to degeneration of the facet joints and spine arthritis. Dr. Agabegi is a well known surgeon who offers treatment for scoliosis in. Dr. Agabegi is an adult and pediatric spine surgeon offers treatment for adolescent scoliosis, kyphosis, cervical problems and lumbar problems in Cincinnati.

The Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children’s is the first and only center in the region that includes scoliosis surgeons and experts from several different specialties working closely together as a team to evaluate, diagnose and treat idiopathic scoliosis for the best possible outcome. Those who suffer from scoliosis have a particularly difficult challenge when it comes to navigating their pain levels to live a normal, happy and comfortable life. Here at Blatman Health and Wellness Center, we specialize in healing back pain, including scoliosis treatment, right here in Cincinnati. We offer a variety of healing modalities and.

Scoliosis can be treated with or without surgery, depending on the size and severity of the curve. Without surgery, treatment includes either watching the curve for changes or the patient wears a brace. The doctor may consider surgery if the curve reaches a point where it will continue to worsen. in adults, scoliosis causes symptoms like these: *uneven shoulders and/or hips *bump in the lower back *numbness, weakness, or pain in the legs *trouble walking *trouble standing up straight *ti.

Mar 21, 2019 · Adult scoliosis patients are initially treated as we would treat a patient with a straight spine who has back pain. Treatment might include physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the spine. Author: Adrienne, Russa.