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andronicos adult brownie recipe -

Andronico's Community Markets. Andronico's Community Markets. [email protected] Photo of Andronico's Community Markets - "Andronico's special "adult brownie"" - Los Altos, CA.

Safeway to Open 4 Rebranded Andronico's Stores. Mountain Fruit Jelly and Andronico's secret-recipe “Adult Brownies.” The transformed stores will also offer full-service catering, with a seasonal and fresh menu created from scratch by trained chefs in Safeway's kitchen. In this recipe you don’t use cannabis butter; instead you use your actual bud, so you aren’t left wondering whether any THC has been wasted! Adult Weed Brownies Ingredients. 1/4 pound butter. 1/4 pound dark chocolate. 1 cup of white sugar. 4 regular eggs. 1/2 cup plain flour. Nutmeg. Cinnamon. 2 .