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In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodations will be made for access to all workshops with advance notice by calling West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District at (503) 238-4775, ext. 100. The Mercer SWCD offers a variety of Pre K to Adult educational programs aimed at fostering an understanding of conservation that can be carried with individuals throughout their lives. Youth Programs The District’s Education Specialist can bring many hands-on activities to your classroom, 4-H club, Scouts group or other youth group.

News Release: Reclamation selects nearly $2 million in Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency Grants. The Bureau of Reclamation announced today the selection of approximately $2 million in Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency grants for Fiscal Year 2018. Combined with local cost-share contributions, approximately $4 million in water management improvement projects will be . Part of the BVGCD’s responsibilities involve public education and outreach to implement water conservation practices. BVGCD General Manager Alan Day and Megan Haas, education and conservation outreach coordinator, travel to fourth-, fifth- and seventh-grade classes, educating students about the importance of water conservation.

The division coordinates the Conservation Commission's role as cosponsors of three education curricula - Project Wet, Project Wild, and Project Learning Tree. The division carries out the Commission's statutory responsibility to coordinate environmental and natural resources education for . To schedule a classroom presentation, call (866) 955-4426. Water Cycle Bracelet Presentation. This program is tailored to 5th grade students. Students learn about the water cycle process by constructing a water cycle bracelet with different colored beads representing the various parts of the water cycle.

Jul 07, 2015 · A public education program is a very important element of a broad-based water conservation strategy. Research has proven public education programs can improve the effectiveness of active water conservation programs, such as water fixture and . Conservation Education. TWDB scientific research and state water plans form the cornerstone for the agency's educational programs. Educational programs include K-12 school-based programs, training and workshops for adults, distribution of conservation literature, and outreach and awareness programs targeted at both municipal and agricultural audiences statewide.

Individually, each component of a water conservation program can get results, but the most reliable results are obtained by the integration of all components. One of the most critical components of a program is a robust education and outreach program that reaches water provider employees, school children, and adults. Watershed Education Lesson Plans Thomas Jefferson Soil & Water Conservation District (Virginia). "This collection of lesson plans on watershed, and water quality topics was drawn from a wide variety of sources, and is designed to provide local middle school teachers with interesting and practical SOL-based [Standards of Learning] hands-on science activities.