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The Powderpuff is a highly social dog and does not do well if you leave him alone for long periods of time. They can often be “needy” of your attention but shy around strangers. They do great with courteous, respectful children and get along fine with other pets. buy hairless chinese crested young adults powderpuff Chinese Crested dogs for sale retiring reputable dog breeders puppies for adoption. buy chinese crested dogs adopt older hairless dogs from reputable chinese crested breeders If you must have a certain sized or colored Chinese Crested, please buy an adult as that is the only way to know.

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The powderpuff variety is a beautiful dog with a full coat of fur and many people do not realize they exist because a lot of websites only show the hairless variety. Both varieties are equally recognized by the major kennel clubs. The skin and coat can be any color, and solid, mixed or spotted all over. Cindy also liked that Dahlia was a young adult and she was only 5 pounds. We had name her Dahlia since they are considered one of the showiest flowers in a summer garden. We knew she was going to be gorgeous and hoped she would be on the bigger side for us. They are on their 4th hairless and powderpuff Chinese Cresteds from us.