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Adult Drama Fantasy Harem Josei Mature Psychological Romance Xianxia He was the cold-blooded prince of the Jin country. Decisive and smart, he had looked down on the world with apathy and disdain. R-18 [ ] Home > Tag > R-18 Adult Drama Fantasy Josei Mature Romance Slice of Life Smut Supernatural. Lucia grew up not knowing she was a princess. She was suddenly informed that her existence was only a few strokes of a pen in a novel. All her suffering was set by the author in order to make the male and female leads succeed.

Welcome to LustyBooks: your FREE source for the hottest erotic novels on the web. LustyBooks features large collection of premium sex stories and vintage ebooks from a variety of authors. If you enjoy classic adult novels, then LustyBooks is perfect for you. The 100 Best Young-Adult Books of All Time We’re living in a golden age of young-adult literature, when books ostensibly written for teens are equally adored by readers of every generation.

Games like A Town Uncovered - Adult Visual Novel (NSFW) Related tags: Visual Novel Dating Sim Erotic Exploration renpy Role Playing Singleplayer Story Rich. Related platforms: Windows macOS. Haremon. An adult RPG where you tame, train, and seduce a party of monstergirls! haremondev. Role Playing. Dreams of Desire - Episode 1-5. Lists about: Best Strong Female Fantasy Novels, Best M/F Erotic Romance like Fifty Shades of Grey (not paranormal, high school, gay or sci-fi), Best Se.

Young adult fiction (YA) is a category of fiction written for readers from 12 to 18 years of age. While the genre is targeted to teenagers, approximately half of YA readers are adults. The subject matter and genres of YA correlate with the age and experience of the protagonist. New adult can best be described as the age category after young adult. Themes and issues. New adult literature touches upon many themes and issues to reach the readership that falls in between the categories of young adult and adult fiction.

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