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If the width is too narrow, the arms of the chair will put pressure on the hips and thighs, which could lead to pressure sores. If it is too wide, the user will have a hard time pushing the wheelchair using the hand rims. It also reduces the wheelchair maneuverability in tight spaces. Typical wheelchair seat widths. Narrow Selection to Type of Chair. Choose your wheelchair based on patient and caregiver needs. If you know you will always push the patient you may only require a lightweight Transport. Standard wheelchairs with larger rear wheels will be required for the patient to propel themselves.

The durability of our wheelchairs is famous, and we stand behind them with long warranties: one year on parts and lifetime on the frame. + Read more TIG welding strengthens the joints, an extra layer of upholstery support prevents sagging, brass inserts reduce stripping from upholstery changes, and a coating on the frame helps you prevent rust. The needs of the user will also help narrow wheelchair choices. Reclining wheelchairs offer support, comfort and versatility to users who need head support and cannot sit upright all the time; they are typically between 45 and 60 pounds. The angle of the back can be lowered to make hair care easier or extended to 180 degrees flat to provide a.

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Figure A3. Dimensions of Adult-Sized Wheelchairs. Illustration shows a side view of a man sitting in a wheelchair. Eye level is 43 - 51 inches (1090 - 1295 mm). Lap height is shown as 27 inches (685 mm). Armrest height of the wheelchair is 30 inches (760 mm). Seat height of the wheelchair is shown as 19 inches (485 mm). Toe height is 8 inches.