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For a comprehensive review of all of the punctuation, or to determine readiness for commencement level exercises, students can take the mastery test at the Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation. Adult Ed: search: Home FAQs Resources Activities. Overview: Have you ever thought, "How can I demonstrate the importance of punctuation to my students?" Punctuation is one of a writer's most.

Students can exercise their knowledge and move from the basics to more complex situations by correcting errors in sentences or an entire lowercase essay. Customized capitalization sheets can be created with ease, and a tool to use your own sentences is available. Your students will achieve punctuation perfection with this wide array of activities. Adult Education Tutor Support– Conversation starters and English language skill topics; Online Slang– List of acronyms common to texting and online chatting; Computer Skills and Work Skills. GCF Learn Free– Videos focusing on computer and work skills, as well as activities .

Below you'll find our complete list of printable punctuation worksheets outlining the most important aspects of English punctuation. These punctuation worksheets are clear, colorful, and of the highest quality. Scroll down this page to view specific descriptions of each punctuation exercise presented in . Explaining some of the basic punctuation marks and where they are used plus the capitalization rule. the worksheets includes a simple rea.