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Mar 11, 2015 · I don’t agree with the Catholic view that infant baptism removes original sin (even though I suspect this is the view in some Protestant denominations too), but, just to share my experience, I’ve been on the fence in regard to believer’s or infant baptism for a long time.Author: Brittany. Baptism, Adult or Infant. IN the Baptist controversy, the opponents of infant baptism consider that Scripture is so clearly on their side, and are so sure that it is only the influence of human custom and authority that holds its supporters in their fetters, that they feel justified in saying that the only reason believers in infant baptism cannot see God's will in Scripture on this point to.

Oct 13, 2015 · Of note is the last paragraph: "Jewish proselyte baptism, Christian baptism, and infant baptism are three completely different things. There is no precedence in Judaism for a child of believers to be baptized. According to Jewish custom (not law), there were two circumstances in which infant baptism could be performed. Jan 07, 2010 · But the narrow focus on adult versus infant baptism actually enhances the book by keeping the discussion pinpointed on the question of who should be baptized, not what is happening in the baptismal font. Bruce Ware, a professor at Southern Seminary contributes an Author: Trevin Wax.

What’s the difference between infant baptism and believer’s baptism? Even when the people being baptized are believing adults and are ready to profess their faith, our first emphasis is upon the gracious action of God who establishes the covenant of baptism with us rather than upon the individual's decision. is the official. 'The similarities between Infant and Adult Baptism outweigh the differences'. Many people have questioned whether or not the similarities between infant and adult baptism actually outweigh the differences. In my opinion there are more differences than similarities between infant and adult baptism.

Infant Baptism vs Adult Baptism. What is the difference between infant and adult baptism? Let's take a look at how infant baptism began and why it's important for adults to take the symbolic step. Jun 30, 2014 · Qyot, you are right. In sacramental churches like Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Catholic, and Anglican infant baptism is used. In non-sacramental churches like Baptists, and non-denominational adult (believers baptism is used) baptism is used and it is an ordinance. And it's not really a liberal/conservative thing.

Since an infant cannot give a testimony, a genuine infant baptism is an impossibility. However, the Bible nowhere portrays baptism as the testimony of the person baptized. Passages that link faith to baptism (such as Acts 8:12; 18:8) simply show that faith, publicly professed, is a necessary condition for baptism. Indeed, it is appropriate to.